Children’s Rehabilitation

About Us

Our Mission

At Fitness Physiotherapy Centre our mission is to minimize the effects of disability and to improve the lives of special children.


For all children to have the support required to realize their abilities.

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At Fitness Physiotherapy Center we provide rehabilitation services to more than 2,000 children and youth with moderate or severe disabilities and other special needs every year. These disabilities can be physical, developmental and/or communicative.

Our treatment is designed to meet the needs of the local community.

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We offer a wide range of rehabilitation and treatment services, including:
• Physiotherapy
• Occupational therapy
• Speech and language therapy.

Many other programs and services may be offered depending on local needs.


Who can get help?

These services are offered to children and youth up to 16 years old who have special needs, such as:

• Cerebral palsy
• Brain injury
• Developmental or learning disorders
• Down syndrome
• Spina bifida
• Autism or Pervasive Developmental Disorder
• Chronic or long-term medical conditions.