One of the successful project of Fitness Physiotherapy center is MobilePhysio which provides premium physical rehabilitation and wellness solutions in the comfort, privacy and convenience of your own home or office

MobilePhysio brings portable equipment and everything needed to briefly transform your space into your own personal clinic. In a traditional multi-therapist, multi-patient clinical setting, one can expect to receive only a small amount of one-on-one time with the therapist. With MobilePhysio you work one-on-one with your therapist for the duration of your appointment.

Five Reasons MobilePhysio Is Different

 1. Convenience

Before, during or after a busy day the last thing you want to do is spend your time driving to your rehabilitation or wellness appointment, looking for parking and then sitting in the waiting room. A 30-60 minute appointment can add an additional 2-3 hours to your day by the time you drive each way, park, and attend the appointment. The alternative is having MobilePhysio’s experience staff come to you. Instead of going out of your way to attend an appointment your MobilePhysio therapist arrives at you home shortly after you get home from work. After a great treatment session with your therapist you are ready to carry on with your day; no driving is required.

2. Comfort & Privacy

Many people are surprised at the open layout of most rehabilitation clinics and the associated lack of privacy. Private rooms are almost unheard of and a privacy curtain is typically the level of privacy you can expect. When given the choice, many people are more comfortable with the private and familiar surrounds of their own homes.

3. Personal Attention

A therapist in a typical physical rehabilitation and wellness clinic sees 3-6 patients per hour, allowing 20 – 10 minutes or less of one-on-one time with the therapist for each patient. MobilePhysio allows 40-60 minutes of one-on-one time with your therapist at each treatment session.

4. Service

MobilePhysio is committed to customer service. We have 30 Physiotherapists from all over the Pakistan and in all cities available to help you in any way that we can and we are never satisfied until you would confidently refer your friends and family to MobilePhysio.

5. Results

MobilePhysio clients get results!