Physio Slim

Dr. Shahid Imran, Physiotherapist, specialist in exercise training and weight loss management, Currently Head of Dept. of Fitness Physiotherapy Center. He has built a unique concept- The Power of 360° – that delivers beauty, health and weight loss with the power of physiotherapy and unbelievable effective results in no time.

Physio Slim, A first-of-its-kind proven method of Analysis, Treatment & Results in medically routed wellness.

Analysis: We analyze the root cause of health related issues to a pre-existing health problem.

Treatment: We use permutations and combinations of various scientifically proven methods of wellness, physiotherapy, with state-of-the-art machines and nutrition programs to treat ailments and simultaneously help you gain health and youngness.

Results: We renew your life, making you look young, slim-fit and more confident.